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Lois Carroll resides in O’Neill, Nebraska.
She has taught for 27 years in the elementary public schools, the last 20 years were with first graders.

After following guides written by the “experts,” Lois knew she wasn’t reaching all her students.  She began developing her own program that proved to be successful with even the most frustrated learner.  “When you face beginning readers day after day, year after year, for 20 years, you learn what works and what doesn’t.”

“I have a real passion for the beginning reader who is struggling. I remember feeling so uncomfortable when I was in primary school; not knowing what the other kids seemed to know and trying to fake it through the day, just hoping the teacher would not notice me.  I repeated fourth grade and that worked for me, but I’ve learned that is not the answer for every student.”

     “I believe with all my heart that this program is the sure way for every child to understand the reading process; otherwise it is a gamble whether he catches on.”

– Lois Carroll