Pure Phonetic Approach

With Emphasis on Writing

After being in an elementary classroom for 27 years and seeing for herself what did and didn’t work in teaching young children to read Lois Carroll developed this program which has a pure phonetic approach with an emphasis on writing.

Lois Carroll, the author of in the beginning… believes that reading is a simple process and all children learn quicker and best when instructed with only those few techniques that work. When you instruct with too much, it complicates the process and confuses children.

     “I use a skywriting technique to teach the form and sound of the lower case letters.  Capital letters are addressed when we get to sentences in the file box.  This avoids confusion of learning a sound for two letters at the same time.”

“I believe with all my heart that this program is the sure way for every child to understand the reading process; otherwise it is a gamble whether he catches on.”

 – Lois Carroll

Lois is the grandmother of ten children and has used this program with nine of her grandchildren who have attended public schools, private school and homeschool.