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Here are a number of samples from the in the beginning… reading program.

Below is the th label card.  There are a total of 39 label cards.

th  TH

1.   A big (capital) t is T.
2.  (the)  If the child is reading and he comes to the word the and is puzzled, ask him what is the first vowel?  the beginning?  He must say th not t.  Remember, the beginning is everything in front of the first vowel.  Now is the time to skywrite th, the /th/.  When he has given you its beginning tell him t h e says the.  Otherwise, have him run the th beginning into the vowel as in this or that.
3.  If he is writing, ask him what says /th/, then skywrite th, the /th/.  Tell him the word the needs an e at the end.
4.  Skywrite th, the /th/; th, thumb (show your thumb), /th/; th is a digraph.  Th has two sounds.
5.  Add #1 th, thr and #3 th cards to the blending box.
6.  Any th word that he asks about, remind him to “put it in the blending box.”  Skywrite th every time you come to it if your child needs it.

Below is one of the 16 cards that go with the label card “th  Th.” (There are a total of 261 of these cards.)

This is fun.
The dad held a box.
That lamp is on.
This desk is big.
The plant has a red bud.
The belt is thick.

Below is the content of the label card for the ow and ou.

ow  ou

1st choice as in  out and how

2nd choice as in four and show /o/

You can add #2 ou and ow cards to the blending box.

Below is one of the 10 cards that go with the label card “ow ou.”

He ran outside.
Our dog will not harm you.
Do you like sour cream?
A big crowd was at the fair.

Here are a couple of Book Examples from our Reading Program…

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